President Donald Trump has abused his position of power and Twitter privileges since his campaign. As president he continues to use his tweets as a bully pulpit. He also is coming under fire for continually utilizing his son and daughter in law because they were not elected by the American people. His actions have now backfired on him. In addition to the outcry regarding Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, a simple birthday tweet for his wife has caused Twitter trolls to attack the president in the same manner he uses to belittle others.

Donald Trump set the tone

Donald Trump unleashed a spirit of anger during his campaign. He pushed buttons that inflamed many Americans and caused others to act out on the hatred they were holding deep inside. Now that hate is backfiring and being redirected back to the POTUS in grand style. Twitter is giving the president a taste of his own medicine.

On April 26th, President Trump sent out a birthday tweet for his wife Melania. Rather than warm wishes for the first lady, Donald began reaping what he has sown, seeds of discord. Tweeters talked about the age difference between the POTUS and FLOTUS, and also addressed the issue that the first lady is living 3 states away from her spouse. One tweeter doubted that it was Melania's true birth date, while another said that when Melania reached the president's current age, he would be dead.

A changing America because of Twitter

Social media has changed the landscape of American communication. Many people will post online what they will not say in person. Former president Barack Obama used Twitter, but not to berate anyone. He would keep his followers informed, and up to date.. If he ever sent a tweet that was mean-spirited, it was not made public.

Those who opposed him, for the most part did not lash out. This was probably because president Obama conducted himself in a gracious manner. Donald Trump, however, is basically thumbing his nose at everyone. All he can see is that he won the election. That is all that matters to him and a core group of his supporters. Whenever his unstable behavior is pointed out, they repeat that the election is over.

The loser in all of this is the first lady, Melania Trump. Just imagine how she feels with her husband causing so much turmoil, that the hate is thrown back in his face. It's a shame the tweeters could not be kind and simply wish the first lady a happy birthday. Her husband has stirred up so much animosity in this nation that they needed somewhere to vent. How sad for us all that it has come to this.