If it is the conscious intent of the president to destroy Obamacare, doing nothing to ensure the wellbeing of those who might be killed in the process, is that a High Crime? If Trump's aim is to obliterate every vestige of Obama's presence as our president, is that a high crime? If Trump acts without conscience but in full command of what faculties he may have, and American citizens perish, is that a high crime?


There is a real sense we will get nowhere on healthcare without honesty. So let me begin by saying it is true that Democrats were complicit in creating an Obamacare that was defective.

The reason it was defective was because it was not a Single Payer system. It caved-in to private interests and despite its excellent points, it was a failure.

The party of no

More honesty requires a look at the GOP. What we see is a wall of negation that had no positive proposal waiting to be a substitute, Repeal and replace was not true. It was destruction from the start. Whether it was motivated by basic racism or by principles that are hypocritical, given the lack of a proposal, it was an exercise in destruction.

Hazy Democrats

The Democrats should figure out who they are. If they stand for single payer they are on the side of the future. If they stand for single payer giving people the freedom to do anything they want with the basics assured for all, they have a future.

If they waffle and play games they are as bad as the GOP.

And now the president

We honestly do not know the depth of Donald Trump's feelings about president Obama. They may be deep enough on the negative side to warrant thinking the worst. Trump can, if he wishes, end subsidies to millions now assisted to survive under Obamacare.

If Trump with the enthusiastic support of his party cuts the subsidies, the consequences will be lethal He will be committing murder. He will be cutting out the heart of Obamacare.

Democrats should go single payer

A country with basic income and single payer healthcare could embody all of the better values that lurk within the recesses of conservatism. It would not be prey to socialistic bureaucracy. It could be lean and technologically savvy. It could release the energies of all people to do what all people most want to do. People want respect and a chance to discover who they are. People want fairness, not advantage. People want life, not a president whose every other word is a threat.

Conscious killing is the most palpable of evils. Democrats should stand for single payer and for impeachment if Trump proceeds with his draconian destruction of the Obama legacy.