Since President Donald Trump came into office, a lot of hate has come his way. People from the left and right, democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals have had their moments of irritation at this controversial president. However, many are overlooking some important points to consider and it is possible that trump is the best president for America today.

He challenges every norm in society

Being an outsider from traditional politicking that enveloped the US government over the past 80 years, it is a breath of fresh air to see a president that challenges every norm in the book.

This president has managed to bring up issues normally sanitized and swept under the rug by previous administrations; issues like America's discrimination of immigrants which is a reality but has been blanketed by sheets and sheets of comfy "we're the land of the free" rhetoric.

Trump also managed to awaken the indifferent American to the realities of politics and that his or her disregard of what's happening in government can really affect society. This is prevalent with the "if people voted" outcry of democrats who felt cheated by Trump's unbelievable win.

His immigration and foreign policy serves as a wake-up call to politicians who idly sit in congress, polishing their names with rugs bought by tax payers money.

Democrats and Republicans are shaken violently to cognition as Trump manages to stir everything up with his rhetoric and what is seen as a questionable judgment by some.

What good will it bring to America?

San Francisco became a bustling city after the great earthquake of 1906. After London burned in 1666, it began massive improvements and became a more progressive than before.

The great Chicago fire of 1871 leveled the city but paved the way for more infrastructure being built as the old buildings were destroyed. History shows that after great disasters come massive change and mostly it is for the better.

Trump, for many who oppose him, is America's greatest disaster since 9/11. The next four years could make or break America, but afterwards, a more alert America will be present to ensure the election of new guards for their future security.

People will be more cautious at who they choose, more cautious as to what to believe and more discerning about rhetoric spewed out by politicians.

America is in for a great change after Trump and it is an exciting time to be an American. This is a time where the fabric of American democracy is to be tested and the resolve of each person is measured. This is why, Trump, as he is today, is undoubtedly, the best president for America today.