Donald Trump is no longer an enigma. It is evident to most political watchers that he is a man without any policy and acts on the spur of the moment. During the campaign trail, he said so many things that do not need to be recounted here. After he became president, he has jettisoned many of them without batting an eyelid. He had talked of being the only the "president of the USA" and not of the world. But now he is talking more and more like George Bush. Yesterday his administration certified that Iran was keeping its end of the nuclear deal. This certification is required every 90 days.

When he was not the president, he had said he would scrap the nuclear deal, but he is more circumspect now. He hasn't said a word against the nuclear accord with Iran after he became president. Probably he has realized that its easy to criticize when sitting out of the government. To be fair to him, he did enforce an additional set of sanctions after the missile test by Iran but overall his response to the nuclear accord is one of acceptance.


For almost four decades Iran and the USA have been hostile to each other. Earlier the USA was the ally of the Shah of Iran, but with his downfall, American influence in Tehran became a big zero. It also led to hundreds of US diplomatic personnel being held hostage, till hefty ransom was paid for them.

The hostage crisis also contributed to the defeat of President Carter. Iran remains antagonistic to America, and Donald had said that after he became president, he would ensure the nuclear accord would be scrapped. He felt at that time that it favored Iran and did not sufficiently stop the nation from developing a nuclear arsenal.

Changing tracks

Donald has changed tracks on china, Middle East, NATO, and Russia. He has also it appears changed his ideas on the nuclear deal with Iran. He hasn't said anything about the deal after becoming president. Probably he has realized that scrapping the deal leads to only one option and that is war. So a decision is between peace and a chance to rein in Iran or war.

Despite all his bravado in Syria, Donald knows the limitations of US power. In particular, Iran is backed by Russia and China and thus he is not likely to launch any adventure there. Even he is circumspect about Korea and despite talk of " limit of strategic patience" one does not a expect him to attack without an OK from China.


Iran will ultimately have nuclear weapons. Probably the Israeli's and the USA missed the bus when they let Iran develop its nuclear program almost a decade back. Now accord or no accord, Iran will have its nuclear weapons, only they will be delayed. One wonders what Donald will do next.