Raw Story has come up with a somewhat obscure account. Call it a resource. It is all about the odd people who have a place in Sean Spicer's court. That court is made up of those accredited to come to Spicer briefings. These favored persons get to ask questions or lob softballs depending on your point of view. The full story can be accessed via the tweet below.

Seeking a sign

The occasion for this interest is the possibility of shifts within the White House. trump moves may soon signal that Act One of the presidency is drawing to a close. If this story is wrong we will be able to tell by closely examining who is in and who is out of the Spicer circle.

If there is no change there, then, whatever else happens, we will be traveling the same road that has led to low Trump approval ratings and continued efforts to be rid of one regarded to be a con man and even an imposter.

Is Trump on the cusp of change?

Assuming that Trump is tired of this consignment of his person to the land of the barely living, there may be truth to the idea that he is moving to the center. The center is not Trey Yingst, of “One America News Network,” an operation formerly associated with the Unification Church. Nor is it Lars Larson from Portland who is a fill-in for Rush Limbaugh sometimes. Have you heard of Spicer favorite, Katie Pavich? This Townhall.com correspondent could go directly to "SNL" and achieve instant star status.

Is Spicer cooked?

One would think Spicer might survive. Spicer would follow Trump even if the President was channeling Barack Obama. He is a loyalist and as long as he faithfully represents the boss he is secure. But if the aforementioned right wingers begin to experience a lack of warmth, that could mean a big change.

Two problems for Donald

The President faces not one but two problems The first is that tiny bit of evidence needed to link his campaign with Russia. Each week when this Russia matter seems to be going away, Trump himself will do something that tells you loud and clear that it still worries him. It is the possibility that he could be hung for anything he may have covered up.

The second problem is not going away. It is the failure of his presidency. As of now, it's going nowhere. It doesn't work. His base is a chorus of bile, not a mass movement of loving citizens. To get the love he craves, he will need to pivot big time.

Pivot or divot

Bad golfers hit divots by mistake. Good golfers hit them as needed to make a shot. Trump does not need more divots. He needs to consider a serious pivot. It can be described as a move to the forgotten middle. If he is clear of Russia in his own mind, he may see that the first act is over and prepare an entry into Act Two.