No week is the same. The US is trying to process the most conspicuous display of American power since, well almost since shock and awe. But there was a feeling that trump was acting in a more measured way than W did back in the day. The lineup of nations favoring the hit on a Syrian airbase was predictable with China, Russia and Iran lining up negative and Canada leading a longer list of allies. As we go to press reviews are favorable and no one seems to have any idea of what comes next.

Trump forced to grow up

Trump appeared to be almost forced to be the President, a role he has largely made questionable.

He delivered reasonable and empathetic words to justify the raid after having seen the precious infants on TV who were victims of Assad's clearly provocative attack. Most applauded his willingness to drop Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. It was hard to determine the intensity of any fighting between the nativist Bannon and the globalist Kushner, but it made for a lot of words online.

Gorsuch slips through, Senate just slips

Gorsuch slipped through a large crack in the Senate and will be the ninth justice on the Supreme Court. Never has there been a more divided assessment of a candidate. The GOP said he was a nice man and a great judge who cares for all. The Democrats, with some serious help from the New York Times, said he was a bad man and a kept judge who cares only for what comes from the lips of those on the far fight.

The critics got creamed and the Senate is now facing the possibility that McConnell who decreed that 51 votes were enough to pass Gorsuch, would use the nuclear option to railroad all of Trump's devastating ideas right through. He is probably glad the attack on Syria intervened.

Fossil fuel is mortal

There is an interesting thing going on in the world of transportation, beyond almost constant stories about Uber and Lyft.

A 94-year-old scientist has developed a battery that is tiny and safe, better than what Elon Musk has. This could be the needed deathblow haters of fossil fuels have been waiting for. Declining car sales are not helping the outlook for those who rely on guzzling for their keep.

Obamacare forever?

The President has not been idle on the health care front.

Periodically we read about the possibility of yet another vote on Trumpcare. But polls tell a different story. It is Obamacare that is growing ever closer to the hearts of the electorate. The threat of 24 million losing insurance is not going away. Maybe if the future improves Congress will actually try to improve Obamacare and even win some plaudits in the polls. Next week we may be talking about the impossibility of passing any of the Trump agenda.