The summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping has finally become a reality in the Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida where they met over dinner. The world is eager to know about the outcome because their relationship had gone through many ups and downs. It may be recalled that, during his election campaign, Trump had blamed China for loss of jobs and trade deficits and had also said that climate change was nothing but a Chinese hoax.

North Korea is on the agenda

According to BBC, the most important point for discussion in the summit meeting could revolve around North Korea because it is gradually becoming a major threat to stability in the region.

Donald Trump would want Xi Jinping, an ally of North Korea, to take necessary action because its development of long range intercontinental ballistic missiles is a matter of concern - they can strike the west coast of America.

Beijing has condemned the missile tests but, has not shown enough seriousness to talk its neighbor out of such acts. One probable reason could be the apprehension of facing a refugee crisis in case North Korea collapses.

Trump would expect Jinping to resort to arm-twisting tactics to bring Pyongyang in control and one option could be to deny it access to banking institutions.

Taiwan could also feature

Xi Jinping would, on his part, expect America to give assurance on stopping sale of arms to Taiwan because it is not a separate entity but a breakaway province of China that has to, eventually, become one with the mainland.

In December last, Donald Trump had accepted a phone call from the President of Taiwan and it was not appreciated by China. The U.S. President later made amends in February through another phone call when he told Xi Jinping that he would respect the "one China" policy.

What would be the outcome?

The U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase in retaliation of the suspected chemical attack has proved that Donald Trump can take firm action when he wants.

Therefore it is to be seen how he can influence Xi Jinping to sort out problems with North Korea.

The U.S. president has already told a section of the media that, if China is not extending its cooperation, America could take unilateral action. That becomes more significant in view of the attack on Syria.

Of course, one item missing from the agenda of the summit meeting would be golf – it is a favorite sport for Donald Trump but, not for Xi Jinping because his administration has banned it as part of an anti-corruption drive