Marshawn Lynch is a beast when it comes to being a running back in the NFL. He was also a key player for the Seattle Seahawks when the Washington-based team won Super Bowl Xlviii. Recently, sports media has been all over Lynch the past couple of weeks regarding his short retirement. After one year, Lynch decided to come out of retirement and expressed in only playing with the Oakland Raiders. As for the Raiders, this is an opportunity to fill up a void, losing starting running back Latavius Murray to the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent.

Now, Lynch is not the youngest of running backs, but he could still provide an excellent service for the Silver And Black in many ways.

For sure, Lynch is healthy and is still looking like beast-mode. It was quite a shock when Lynch announced his retirement a season after winning the Super Bowl. Many sports analysts thought that he had a good few years in him. Now that he wants out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders, many analysts still think that he could be a major running back for the upcoming season if he were to get signed.

The Benefits of Having Lynch for the Raiders

The Raiders could benefit in having Marshawn Lynch at many levels. For one, Lynch is a Super Bowl champion who is still considered as one of the best in the league even after being out for a year with retirement. The guy ran for over a thousand yards in six seasons often in his career, which included four straight with the Seahawks (2011-2014).

His stats are phenomenal, and his services as a running back would greatly benefit the Raiders, since the Silver and Black are in need of a starting running back.

Another reason why Lynch would be an excellent addition to the Raiders is the fact that the star running back is actually from the East Bay. In Oakland, Lynch was a prolific high school star in four sports at Oakland Technical High School.

Lynch excelled in football, wrestling, track, and basketball during those years. He later moved on to play for the California Golden Bears a few miles away from his high school.

Lynch is a prodigy from Oakland, and it 'd be good to see a local sports hero join the team in Oakland for the last gasp. Oakland will not have a pro-NFL team for one more season before the Raiders leave for Las Vegas.

So, if the Raiders sign Lynch, the running back would bridge the two towns with the fans when the move happens.

Last but not least, Marshawn Lynch could help the Raiders possibly win a Super Bowl this next season before the team leaves Oakland. Yes, the Raiders are ranked very high and are a team to reckon with as they were last season. An injured Derek Carr caused mayhem for the Raiders last season in the playoffs, but, if players remain healthy, the Raiders are sure contenders. Lynch's experience and vibrant persona, as a running back, could give the town of Oakland a nice trophy while supporting their team for one last season. So, just win baby!