The Dow Chemical Company is locked in a contest with the Koch Brothers to determine who does the most damage to the environment. Both companies make money hand over fist. So this means that we the people have no problem with the fallout from pesticides and pollution and everything else these companies do to harm us. Well and good. Call it our system. Live with it. It is this world that is dying n the face of better angels at work.

Vietnam intensity building

It is almost getting time to come up with a new version of the old "hey, hey LBJ/how many kids did you kill today?" It could go "Hey, hey Donald Trump, how many companies kiss your rump?" That is pretty awful but you get the idea.

When explicit, people-hurting harm is done, the sources of that harm need to be called out. They need to have their charities boycotted. They need to have the structure of hypocrisy which enables them to flourish demythologized.

Tucker and Ann

So Tucker Carlson has had what might be called a meteoric rise, which would be a boost that sinks like a stone. or some such ambiguity. I much prefer him to the departing Mr.

O'Reilly. I wonder how history treats the likes of O'Reilly and Roger Ailes. My guess is that memories are suppressed and then come up in later centuries as the scholarship of the past.

Ann Coulter has an interesting prospect this very day. She got canceled at Berkeley. She is not to speak there because the university is fresh from a weekend where rival left and trump forces created a bit of blood as police waited to move in.

From a distance, this looks like alarmism so I give Ann some credit for saying she will show up anyway. It was not Berkeley that created the violence last weekend. It was the failure to be triadic in the face of the binary.

Does Sean Spicer help by meaning well?

It is interesting to see Sean Spicer trying to read the leaves.

Somewhere down in the cup lies a morsel of truth but even the man closest to the scene may not be able to see it. This recent clip shows Sean being a reconciler, trying to find a way through, as shutdown threatens. Shutdowns cost billions of dollars. Ted Cruz racked up a huge debt to the US when he led a shutdown. This time around blame for a shutdown would fall on the GOP.

A perfect storm

A slow moving one seems to be in progress. It begins with Trump having sound bytes but no worked-out program. It proceeds through the disastrous failure of the jerry-built Trumpcare. Now it is about to hit the 100-day mark with virtually no victories for the President. The only thing that can be said is, despite Sean's attempt to soothe, the storm is still in progress and getting ever more severe.