Donald trump fired three quick bullet-points this morning at a young Democrat who happens to be running a strong race in Newt Gingrich's old district north of Atlanta. A special election there will signal whether grass roots Democrat's can go against the GOP and capitalize on their failure to deliver much thus far in the era of President Trump.

The Tweet below says the candidate is super liberal. The race is in Georgia. The winner will go to Congress in Washington. The candidate is not mentioned by Trump. His name is Jon Ossoff.

Trump's self-defeating adjectives

The truth is a bit shaded by Trump's use of adjectives. To his base "super liberal" means Obama. To protect criminals is to allow them to run rampant and maraud at will. To allow illegal immigration is to assume everyone who wants to come here is a terrorist in waiting. To raise taxes is a criminal offense. And protecting criminals is code for being soft on crime.

The tweet was done during the work day. It appeared at 9:37 this Monday morning. Within two hours it had garnered 6000-plus retweets.

The implication is that the President regards this as his most important priority but he may ignore the true significance. Each of the positions he takes on an issue is an indication that he is not moving anywhere.

Not moving anywhere means stasis

The hope that Mr. Trump will move more to the center is close to the last hope for him extended by those who see him lost in tangles he cannot unravel.

He cannot keep the Russia matter away when more and more intelligence information leaks out into the stream of public awareness. Rachel Maddow who has won ratings and plaudits for sticking with this issue calls her information open source. It is available for everyone to see. All that is needed is a hearing with Mr. Brennan and the whole matter could blow up.

The tax return issue is being kept alive by what was a swell of public pressure that turned global over Easter weekend. 150 cities were involved Saturday in the US and there were demonstrations from Europe to New Zealand. It seems clear that no one believes Trump will voluntarily give up his returns. So the meaning of the demonstrations can only be that popular pressure is the only force that can make the President act.

Illegal immigration and taxes are non-starters for Trump

Trump's campaign against illegal immigrants holds a double threat to the president. If he cracks down and develops a virtual police state from state to state, the reaction could become even more intense. If he keeps losing court challenges he will see his rationale disappear.

Taxes were going to be Trump's signature issue and growth starter. But the failure of health care stalled progress and now he refuses to go forward. Instead, he wants to refight the health care issue. In one tweet the President has touched on issues that could bring his administration down. Nor is Trump helped by today's NYT suggestion that Trump voters are getting impatient for results.