To Move forward and achieve prosperity the US needs to recover the spirit of Buckminster Fuller shown above with one of his famed domes. It needs a dash of Henry Ford, not too much but enough to convince an entrepreneur that he or she can outsmart today's sclerotic building trades and architectural establishments. And it needs a willingness to look at sprawl, the automobile and fossil fuel energy as dispensable now, not when it becomes too late and short-term profits have won the day.

Cybercommunities are the complex of principles and rules that could help us get to a new and progressive future that would amount to a slight moral evolution and plan the world that did not have to reckon with the three noxious elements noted in the preceding paragraph.

Cars dictate the design of today's world. That design does not allow for enough density to create viable economies. Cars assume an economy that expands forever. That is impossible. Cars are the source of accidents that kill and maim globally with little public notice because of the hold of the industry on our economy. We do not need cars as our basic transport and cannot move forward if they remain so.

Oil, as we know, will run out. We know that wars are fought over oil. We know that cars and oil make global warming inevitable and climate change just a matter of time. We should stop investing in it and bring that industry to a halt. Unless the alternatives being developed -- battery and driverless can morph into public vehicles of genuine use, they too should recede.

They are not the future of cars.

Sprawl is dying as we speak. Not just small towns but whole suburbs and exurbs are becoming insupportable. The move is to cities, and the demand is for amenities and arrangements that show that cybercommunities are not an alien set of ideas, but an evocation of values and aesthetic elements and ethical impulses that are inherent in all of us.

We must come to a new sense of progress

We can have a prosperous future if we see that true value lies in human beings and their essential talents and creativity. We can make education and wellbeing the two engines of true growth. We can build integral communities that combine all elements of living and enable walking to all elements of a city within a mile.

We can understand the ways that sharing can apply to spaces in a fundamental way so that we need not endlessly replicate things that are redundant. These are just a few of the many aspects that are to be found in a consideration of cybercommunities.