Melania Trump is a president's wife who has been reluctant in regard to her duties as First Lady. She was not often seen by her husband's side during his campaign. After the inauguration, she decided to remain in New York, living in Trump Tower until her son Barron's school year ends in June. She is now quietly easing into the position, and for that, she is being branded a "cipher."

A different type of First Lady

Mrs. Trump is unlike previous first ladies for many reasons. Her predecessor Michelle Obama was the first African-American to hold the position.

Outside of that, Mrs. Obama was a typical president's wife. Melania came into this position with many differences. She was not born in the United States, her husband was not a career politician, and she is the only First Lady who had a modeling career, one that included nudity. She is also the first spouse of a president who is a third wife.

Melania deciding to live in New York until June has also brought scrutiny because of the expense of security. Late night talk show hosts have made fun of her inability to command English, and now her easing into her position on the down low is causing tongues to wag.

Melania Trump under fire

According to "The Huffington Post", first daughter Ivanka Trump has been handling some of the responsibilities that normally would be taken care of by the FLOTUS.

Now, however, Melania Trump has "upended her role of First Lady in 100 days." The article indicates that Mrs.Trump, like a cipher, is softly and gently moving into the role of the wife of our 45th commander in chief.

During the past few weeks, the First Lady attended the annual White House Easter egg roll, and also attended a women's empowerment conference.

On Wednesday, the FLOTUS was by her spouse's side as the National Teacher of the Year was honored. And on Thursday, Melania along with president Trump greeted Maurico Macri and Juliana Awada, The President and first lady of Argentina.

"The Huffington Post" suggests the American people cut the first lady some slack, and allow her to make her role as a president's wife her own.

Even if that is done, there is one issue surrounding Melania Trump that probably will not go away. She is married to "The Donald." His continued Twitter rants, and making false accusations, are overpowering any good that he is doing as leader of the free world. Melania did not ask for this position, it came with the territory of being married to Mr. Trump. Certainly, she can feel the growing animosity that is aimed at her spouse, and desires to keep things on the down-low as much as possible. Who can blame her?