After three weeks of being in the headlines, Bill O'Reilly is officially gone from Fox News following the backlash of his sexual harassment scandal. In response, various Hollywood celebrities decided to voice their thoughts across social media.

Hollywood on Fox News

It all started when the New York Times released a bombshell article earlier this month that sent shock waves through the Fox News Channel, while altering the career of one of their biggest talents in the process. The report revealed that Bill O'Reilly had been accused of sexual harassment dating back almost 15 years ago, with at least five women making the allegations.

In an attempt to keep the story out of the public eye, O'Reilly reached a settlement with the women to the tune of $13 million. Once the story broke, sponsors began pulling their ads from "The O'Reilly Factor." Over 50 sponsors have pulled out as of this week, putting financial pressure on the network to make a move. The story didn't quiet down, as protests started taking place outside the network's headquarters in New York City, with the Murdoch family being pushed to take action. According to The Hill, O'Reilly has been forced out by Fox News, which led to massive trolling across Twitter on April 19.

Instantly on Twitter, Bill O'Reilly was mocked and trolled over his departure from Fox News, with many celebrities chiming in.

"New book by FOX News: Killing Bill O'Reilly," author Stephen King tweeted out. "So I'm walking down the street one day, O'Reilly drives by, screeches to a halt, jumps out & starts yelling @ me. Ha!" filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on his feed, while posting a picture of the Fox News host yelling at him.

"Cheer up Bill O'Reilly - there are still many companies that would love to hire you," comedian John Fugelsang wrote on his Twitter account, before delivering the punchline, adding, "I mean, no companies that employ women, but still." Singer Cher also gave her thoughts, and she didn't hold back one bit.


Writer and producer Andrew Goldstein also added his thoughts, tapping into his time on the WWE creative team back in 2006.

"The RASSLIN' way to book this Bill O'Reilly story: Spicer steps down as press secretary and 'wait a minute, is that? That's Bill O'Reilly!'" he wrote.

Moving forward

Currently, the details of Bill O'Reilly's ousting at Fox News are not known, though the network has announced a shake-up. Tucker Carlson will not move into the 8 p.m. time-slot previously occupied by "The O'Reilly Factor," with "The Five" being bumped up to the 9 p.m. hour.