The situation in Afghanistan is very fluid. The Kabul government has been unable to battle the Taliban. Yesterday the Taliban attacked a garrison in North Afganistan. The attack which was aided by two sympathizers from inside the camp, targeted the soldiers when they were praying. As per reports, more than 140 soldiers have been killed. The government has called for a state of national mourning after this attack.

Donald must realize that along with the ISIS the bigger danger is from the Taliban. This extremist group has not yet been defeated. One contributory factor is Pakistan which has been backing the Haqqani faction of the Taliban.

The attack has demoralized the government troops. The State Of Affairs is pretty sad one wonders if the US is going to slide to another defeat.

Current status of affairs

Donald has shown his resolve by using the mother of all bombs against ISIS in East Afghanistan. Probably something similar is a requirement for the Taliban. One thing is clear that this state of affairs cannot continue for long. Sooner or later the Taliban will overthrow the Kabul government. In case that happens, it would be a victory by default as the US has withdrawn ground troops from actual combat in Afghanistan.

This was as per the decision of President Obama. Donald Trump is a different man, and he had announced before he became president that he would finish the extreme Islamic outfits.

The time has now come for Donald to show his muscle and to reverse the decision of Obama. He must remember that Afghanistan is a greater danger to the US than North Korea.

Pakistan and Taliban

Afghanistan is the breeding ground for jihadi fighters. They are abetted by Pakistan which has always given sanctuary to them. The Jihadi fighters spread out too far corners of the world.

Many of the jihadis have been hiding in Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden was given shelter by the Pak government as also Mullah Omar, the previous head of the Taliban. Despite these men being in Pakistan, the country was let off the hook by Obama. He had also directed the US troops not to target the Taliban in the hope of a political solution, but it has not worked.In contrast, Afghan officials see the Taliban and Pakistan as the greater threat.

Future priority

President Trump will be well advised not to make an issue of Syria and Assad. Donald Trump needs to get his act together and shift priority to Afghanistan. The battle as it stands is going very badly for the Kabul government. US ground troops need to be committed to battle. This is the only way the morale of the Afghan army can be restored. It will be a good idea to use the MOAB on the Taliban. Donald is an ingenious man, and one can expect that he will soon react to this massacre by the Taliban