Looking forward to what monsters drop on the ground is a thrilling experience. As your character gains a level, this is crucial to RPG games such as "Kingdom of Loot." Other games out there require an expensive platform such as a PC or PlayStation 4. However, this game requires only the PC with the pixelated graphics for its overall quality. Then again, the game is not judged by its graphic quality but by its overall content.

As pixelated as "Kingdom of Loot" can be, the developers and creators are doing their best to patch any problems that may arise.

They are patching things up because the game is still on early access. First, you are given a wide variety of choices when you start the game. You need to choose your class such as Fire Mage, Gladiator, Knight, and more. After that, you start your journey by venturing outside your kingdom. The most recommended area would be the forest nearby.

Strengthening and leveling up skills

When you arrive in the area of your choice, get ready to tap your space bar or rapidly click your mouse because that is the command for attacking the enemy. The battle is simple and easy because that's it. As you slowly deplete the health bar of the enemy and kill it, they drop loot that can be gathered such as experience points, gold, and coins, and even items that can be equipped or sold.

However, you cannot equip the armor or weapons of other classes.

Leveling up in "Kingdom of Loot." Once the experience bar reaches its limit, there will be a notification that you just leveled up. Once you do, you are assigned skill points and status points. Skill points are useful during battle while status points increase your maximum health points, damage, mana, and stamina.

Keeping an eye on the stamina bar

Aside from the health points and mana of your character in "Kingdom of Loot," there is a stamina bar that can be expended. There are certain points in dungeons and areas that will require patience and proper timing. One example is the disappearing pathway in the river of the forest area. You need to be quick in order to cross to the other side.

Otherwise, your character falls down, loses all health points and mana, and has to start all over again from where you stopped. Increasing your maximum stamina is another option that you should look into because it can help in certain situations.

Gathering items, potions, and stronger equipment is a sure way to victory in "Kingdom of Loot" as well as teaming up with other players around the world. The game is available on Steam along with other upcoming titles.