One of the biggest issues that has divided the American people in recent years is over Islamic terrorism. While many on the left have become protective of even the slightest criticism of Islam, the extreme on the far right have taken a more radical turn, which is often attributed to the rise of Donald Trump into the White House.

Hollywood on King

No political issue has been more polarizing in the United States than how to handle the topic of Islam and the extreme elements within the faith and culture. In American politics, most issues are split down the ideological line of left vs right, though the debate over Islam has even divided many liberals.

There are those who want to protect the rights of Muslims, and at the same time, offer criticism of the faith and the most radical cultural norms that have made its way to the West. However, many on the far-left, known as the "regressive left," label even those criticisms as "Islamophobic" and "racist." Despite the growing debate among liberals, it's the rhetoric coming out of the political right that is causing many to worry. Republican Rep. Steve King received heavy backlash from his most recent tweet on the subject, as even Hollywood stars decided to chime in on March 13.

In response to a satirical cartoon of Dutch politician Geert Wilders preventing the spread of radical Islam into the West, Rep.

Steve King added his own comments that did not go over well with many high-profiled names in Hollywood. "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny," King tweeted, while adding, "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." At this point, the negative response came quickly.

"Trump has encouraged pieces of sh*t like this guy to say what has always been on his mind.

At least now we know," director Judd Appatow wrote on Twitter Sunday night, before adding, "Vote him out." "Hey @GOP! Your move with that @SteveKingIA statement. What an asshole, right?," actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out, while concluding, "We are just waiting for you to collectively denounce. Anytime."

Actor John Ross Bowie‏ went on to respond to Steve King by endorsing his potential election challenger Kim Weaver, tweeting, "Kim here is running to unseat Steve King." Actor George Takei also gave his thoughts, sending out two tweets on the issue in question.

"Congressman, the only race you should worry about when it comes to babies is the human race," George Takei wrote on Twitter, while noting "I actually pity you, for you see so, so little." In a follow-up tweet, Takie also added, "Actually, Congressman, you seem preoccupied with other races, but the one that should really worry you is your own--in 2018.


Duke's support

While many in Hollywood and on social media hit back at Steve King over his comment, not everyone was upset. Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, expressed his support of King on his own Twitter account.

"Just in case you were thinking about moving -> sanity reigns supreme in Iowa's 4th congressional district," David Duke wrote, while using the hashtag "#MakeAmericaGreatAgain." As of press time, neither President Donald Trump nor the White House has responded to the controversy.