After many Sexual Harassment settlements surfaced, #Bill O’Reilly has been ejected from his role as a respected, popular television host on Fox News, and women around the world are cheering. It has been a long battle but one that has been won by women worldwide and those who respect their rights to work in a fair and equal workplace.

O'Reilly's ousting removal the high rating television show is as an uncomfortable and shameful coda to a twenty year career where he was one of the most admired and popular TV hosts in the world – and where he most definitely wielded his power and abused that power to try and influence women into his bed.

Sexual harassment is a terrible and sad affair, one that affects the women who must endure hardship, loss of career standing, trauma and misogyny and sometimes even violence and sexual abuse. That so many women and female employees stepped forward to complain about O'Reilly shows that the issue is indeed a Modern day one, one that companies such as 21st Century Fox need to work harder to tackle.

Even though the company had a #harassment hotline that women could call through, it seemed that the service was rarely used and the company culture frowned upon women making such claims.