Over 140,000 people have signed a petition to ax one of Fox’s biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly. The news anchorman is accused of sexually harassing at least five women. On Tuesday, protesters gathered together in front of the network’s headquarters in New York and held signs that said: “Danger: Sexual Predator Works Here.” They strongly urged Fox to fire O’Reilly amid the sexual controversy that surrounds the news network.

Sexism in the workplace

The protesters are advocates of the National Organization for Women (NOW) that are fighting sexism in the workplace.

They feel that it’s outrageous for a well-known company to spend millions just to protect a person that committed crimes while victims are paid to keep silent. Some of the protesters have experienced sexual harassment and shared what they have gone through.

Joanna Oltman Smith from Brooklyn, New York claims that she is a survivor of rape. She stated, “I’m here today because I don’t believe that sexual predators have a place in the American workplace,” Fortune reported.

According to reports, a study in 2015 shows that at least one in three women has been a victim of being sexually harassed in the workplace, however, 71 percent remained silent.

O’Reilly allegedly called a black woman 'Hot Chocolate'

New reports have surfaced wherein O’Reilly allegedly called a former African-American clerical worker at Fox News “Hot Chocolate.” Attorney Lisa Bloom told reporters that O’Reilly would never talk to the employee except to make grunting noises at her like a wild boar. He also allegedly leered at her cleavage and legs.

The woman was afraid that she might lose her job if she complained. Now, she has filed a formal complaint with the Fox News hotline against O’Reilly but claims she does not want any money.

Viewership declines without O’Reilly

Without Bill O’Reilly, his show declined in viewership by 23 percent. He’s on a nearly two-week vacation as the network investigates a woman’s claim of being sexually harassed.

The show has been continued by Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfield and Dana Perino during O’Relly’s absence.

This all started after the New York Times released its report that alleged that O’Reilly sexually harassed several women. The report also added that the alleged victims were paid a collective $13 million to keep silent. Last summer, former chairman Roger Ailes resigned after facing similar charges.

Do you think that Bill O’Reilly should be axed by Fox?