The names on the petition are growing. More Americans are protesting the expense of Melania Trump living in New York. The wife of our president is costing taxpayers $146,000.00 each day, and the people in this nation want her to make a Move immediately. The First Lady easily could have enrolled her son in a D.C.-area school in November after her husband won the election. She selfishly remained in Trump Tower and now U.S. citizens want her to move right away, or pay for her own security.

It's the president's fault

President Trump is making decisions to hurt the poor, the elderly, and the LBGTQ community.

The POTUS does not seem to care that seniors and school children are missing meals, and many Americans cannot afford prescription drugs. He is not sensitive to the plight of the LBGTQ community who are at risk for abuse, or worse. Donald Trump seems to have the mindset of Ebenezer Scrooge before he was enlightened. "Better for them to die, and decrease the surplus population. If our seniors and children starve to death, or those of a different sexual orientation are assaulted or even killed, it will be the president's fault. What right does he have to expect Americans to foot the bill for protecting his wife and son, while he makes decisions that put many of us in harms way? Why should Melania and Barron Trump be so privileged, while others in this nation suffer?

The first family is not entitled

People with money are used to having their way. They can buy most anything and anybody they choose. This sense of entitlement however should not enter the White House. A president is supposed to be a civil servant, and his wife should be a gracious first lady seeking to also serve the people of this nation.

Yes, we have a Commander in Chief, and first lady who believe working class citizens should indulge their whims. A billionaire and his wife should not sponge off of people who are living paycheck to paycheck. The Trump's should listen to the American people. They should quickly move Melania and Barron to D.C. or use some of their billions not only to pay for her security, but to also pay back the millions already spent on Secret Service protection.