Cybercommunities are about ethical revolution. When Aristotle laid ethics out he chose virtues like honor and prudence which worked in a hierarchical world dominated by males. As the modern world developed ethics got lost in philosophy or was reduced to standards for various groups. Cybercommunities propose that ethics is about reducing harm.

Anything that hurts

In Camden, New Jersey now, the New York Times holds up a new police initiative that is based precisely on this no harm ethic. The department treats offenders as human beings and achieves results by patience, tolerance, and even helpfulness.

Going crime-free

What would make for a crime-free community? Cybercommunities propose the following,

1. There needs to be some version of Basic Income. With traditional work vanishing, the most economical solution for the world is what has come to be called Universal Basic Income. It is experimental but exists in some places.

2. There needs to be some agreement on values that apply to all -- these include tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

3. There needs to be efficient, courteous and locally-known security with good design and careful training of personnel.

These will be true peace officers. They will live in the community. They will be secure. Their purpose will be only to ensure help to see that criminality is nipped in the bud. It is a preventative approach.

4. The design of the community, which by definition is car-free, is for mini-cities of around 300 each. A mini-city has its own small town hall -- a kiosk really -- where security is available and where most of the activity can be seen immediately and reached in minutes or less.

This sort of security is not possible in our present cities or almost anywhere else. It is why cybercommunities need to be developed and why they are the iteration of a better future for the whole world.

Not a pipe dream

This is not a pipe dream.

Logic is good and this is logical. Profit is good and this is profitable. Safety is good and this is the safest way that can be devised. We cannot exist without subscribing to core values. We cannot achieve our goals if our design is as out of whack as the world's design is today.