To add to tension to a Big Week for Donald Trump, this week the US sent the USS Carl Vinsonaircraft carrier strike group into the ocean off the Korean peninsula, which was an indication of force and strength and a message that the US would not necessarily back down from #North Korea's testing of nuclear weapons.

In the past week President Trump has highlighted the United State's force and willingness to use it by swiftly bombing Syria, and also dropping a mother-of-all-bombs on an Islamic State stronghold in Afghanistan. By engaging in unilateral military action they have showed the world that they are the leading military force and that enemies should think twice before crossing them.

Afghan bombing of ISIS

The death toll from the #Afghanistan bombing was sizable, and it was the biggest bomb that the US has ever sued. This is surely a message of strength and provocation to North Korea. Trump is saying to them, screw with us and we will not hesitate to bomb you. Also this week, Cho June-hyuck, one of South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokespersons said in a media briefing that Trump and the United States would not use any military action against the North without first conferring with Seoul. Which in this current climate of emotional response the US actually stick to.