United States history books has tales of how wars have been started. Most were started by a simple misunderstanding or a clash of egos. Just imagine, years from now, how people will see our current situation between President Trump and the looming conflict with North Korea. Future historians will shake their heads and say, "If only Trump would have deleted his Twitter account and stopped baiting people online."

Donald Trump's Twitter

President Trump's twitter feed is full of inaccurate claims, misspellings, reckless statements, and serious accusations.

His social media account is what helped him get elected as president. He was able to speak to potential voters directly, and attack the Democrats every chance he got. Apparently, his plan worked because he won the election.

For over a year now, multiple people have called for Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account.

It was on social media that Trump proclaimed that President Obama wiretapped him last year.

Trump had no proof, but his supporters believed him. Americans are now starting to realize how dangerous Twitter is for the president.

North Korea calls for Trump to delete his account

"A president you can bait on Twitter is not someone you want to have access to nuclear weapons," Hillary Clinton said in a debate last year.

North Korean government officials responded to Trump's aggressive tweets. Donald Trump wrote that Korea is looking for trouble and the U.S, A. is prepared to handle the situation, with force if needed. They said that if Trump wants a war, they will strike, but it's not what they want right now.

Vice Minister, Han Song Ryol stated that if the Untied States provokes, then they will go to war.

This is all stemming from a series of tweets that President Trump sent over the past few weeks.

Trump refuses to stop using Twitter

The president knows that his use and bullying on Twitter is offensive, but he keeps doing it. His administration claim that they are "done talking to North Korea" yet, Trump keeps tweeting about the conflict between them.

Trump is close to starting a world war by tweeting and baiting North Korea in a showdown. It could all be prevented if he would put his Twitter account on hold, and stop tweeting his every thought to his tens of millions of followers.

North Korea is watching Trump's Twitter feed. They know that he will write what his next move will be and they will be there to strike before we do.

Please, someone, take Trump's Twitter account from him before he starts World War Iii.