Just like the Model T cybercommunities are a nothing waiting to establish a global reputation. I have spent fifty years and barely gotten to being able to explain this monumental idea. Because I am not going to be the one to get it done, it falls to one for whom a light flashes on -- and shazam! -- the first iteration of cybercommunities appears. Forget reputation. I will be happy when some future Elon Musk understands what this is about.

It is very simple

Did Henry Ford get tired of horses crowding the dirt roads of his time? What got him going?

I don't really care. He did get going and thereby wrote history for -- how long? That is the question because today the very persistence of Ford's invention makes it less and less likely that we will overcome the challenges of global warming. The simple fact is we are on a collision course between a growth economy that spells ecological disaster and a Human Growth economy that is the next stage of life in this world.

Growth and human growth

Today our economy depends on the growth of spending on material goods. The spending we are willing to do on human growth is pitiful. Education spending is almost entirely aimed at training people to grow the present growth economy. The new jobs are all going to create electric cars and other things that will clutter highways and leave minds bereft of anything like serious thinking.

Human growth is the economy of the future.

We need an attitude adjustment

The world needs the following five things, just to get started in the right direction.

  • Education in values beginning with tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.
  • An awareness of density and of why we need to create the world where there are enough people in every community to make a sustainable economy possible.
  • The realization that the world without cars is the best way back to health and wealth.
  • An awareness that the elements needed to build car-free, modular, matrix-based cybercommunities will create a vastly more prosperous economy than what we have now.
  • An appreciation that to move forward we need to become more global, more humane and more open to diversity.

The current conflicts in the world all revolve around fear of the future. We should create the future now.