U.S. district judge Derrick Watson of Honolulu extended the hold he placed on President Trump's travel ban. Watson listened to compelling arguments from Attorney General Douglas Chin who said the revised travel ban has an implied message. Chin told the judge that the ban flashed like a neon sign which read, "ban Muslims, ban Muslims."

Hawaii rebels against revised ban

Hawaii was the first state to bring a lawsuit against President Trump's revised travel ban. Earlier in March, Judge Watson stopped the Federal Government from freezing the nation's refugee program, The president tried to stop Watson from going through with the law suit.

He pointed out that the ban would not affect Hawaii because they only had 20 refugees. Watson continued and was successful.

The Hawaiian judge also prevented the government from suspending new visa's from the 6 nations on the president's travel ban list. These were Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.. All of these countries have a Muslim majority.

The law works when you work the law

President Donald Trump never having held public office, had no clue of how our government really works. He has been signing executive order after executive order, only to have his efforts challenged. This was evident recently when he believed the Republicans would support him and repeal Obamacare, but they did not.

Now there is U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, using the letter of the law, successfully to block the orders of the Commander in Chief.

Perhaps by now president Trump is beginning to realize, that he cannot have his way with a simple stroke of his executive order pen. There are laws in this nation that work, when you work those laws.

Clear knowledge and understanding of our judicial system is why Judge Watson is able to block the edicts of the POTUS.

According to voanews, 5 additional states, New York, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Minnesota have followed Hawaii's lead and are challenging the revised travel ban. Until this is resolved there will probably be more to follow.