Elon Musk is amazing. He can meet with Donald Trump in the White House. He is almost as popular on Twitter as Hillary Clinton. He probably makes or loses more money in a day from fluctuations in what he already has than anyone reading this will ever see in a lifetime. He is way up there with the other biggies of the tech world. Unfortunately, Elon shares the same problem with some of his high-flying peers. Some prefer space travel to improving the planet. They seem to have severe ignorance of the simple principle behind cybercommunities.

Going car free

The simple principle is that we must move to car-free communities based on rational understandings of density. We must appreciate the fact that an economy based on endless expansion is a recipe for disaster. We must move to an integral approach that is universal in scope. I am big on growth but there is a better kind of growth than flooding the world with more and more goods. I believe in flooding individuals with the resources they need to be conscious creators in a world that is shedding the burdens of Adam for the mantle of Mary. Mary was the one who preferred talking to Jesus to slaving around the house.

Cybercommunities are easily explained

Anyone can grasp what cybercommunities are by reading a few sentences.

They are car-free communities of around 10,000 persons. They are created from modular elements assembled in mile-wide matrix-shells that are weather resistant and able to support up to four levels.

They are beyond present design and architecture. The current state of design is sprawl-centric. Cybercommunities contain all elements of existence from residences to anything else you think a city requires.

The world could well be a vast ecumenopolis made up of various iterations of car-free communities linked by some future iteration of hyperloop.

Can't we just sort of evolve?

If evolving is simply maintaining the car-oil, expanding economy, sprawl world, I think not. I doubt it can survive. The oil-car people are fighting to squeeze the last dollar out of a dying behemoth.

The current world design and economy cannot achieve universal justice, universal health or universal anything else. Elon, don't go to Mars. Go for a walk and think hard. You are divided now between two ways forward. You know what is right.