Self-driving Cars are in the news. They are not as interesting to people as going to Mars but they are close. They are a Bad Idea and not for all the reasons that have been advanced. They may prove dangerous. They may be no solution to traffic problems. They most certainly have nothing to do with what sold cars in the first place -- you drove them!

The reason that self-driving cars are bad news is that they mimic and perpetuate the car-oil culture that is being defeated by every move people make to cities all over the world.

Cybercommunities are car free

The reasons that self-driving cars are close to being a joke are as plain as the stats on interest in being fat. This fat-matter vastly outstrips interest in either going to Mars or self-driving vehicles.

Cybercommunities are the simplest way to make obesity go away. If you do not need a car and walk instead, the prospects for weight loss increase. Cybercommunities are entirely walkable and are connected by hyperloop-like ground level public transport. Cars can be recreational possibly. But what possible fun is there if you are not at the wheel?

Self-driving ignores the future

Before investment in self-driving vehicles becomes a reason why they must exist, it is necessary to provide some conclusive arguments for mobilizing a massive public outcry against their emergence.

My poster child for this exposition will be Elon Musk, who is almost as famous as the idea of going to Mars, which he also espouses and which is also an idea of secondary importance.

Elon's best idea and the one that could make him more than he ever dreamed of is hyperloop. It is public and potentially a global solution that actually works.

Sadly if you search hyperloop you will find a good deal, but Elon himself is four times as interesting at this point.

Cybercommunities are the future

At the moment cybercommunities have no visibility whatsoever. Then again neither did the Model T. The fact is that cybercommunities are the next car. They are the solution to the obsolescence of both oil which is ending and cars which are becoming obsolete. There will be more on these matters as we delve deeper. Do not let the corporate world foist self-driving cars on us.