Texas may end up wishing it had more than one star. It just struck out three times courtesy of US District judges Xavier Rodriguez and Orlando Garcia. These worthies found the GOP-dominated state guilty of making life difficult for minorities to exercise their rights as citizens by such tactics as splitting communities according to race and ethnicity or making sure that those targeted were confined to what might be called a voters' ghetto. Limiting the chances of voters to unequal status as citizens is a crime Rodriguez and Garcia are probably next on the list of US judges that President Trump does not want around.

Justice takes time

Gerrymandering is done by either political party from state to state and it is always a battle to keep from seeking an advantage by the way you slice and dice the electorate. But of late it has become just one of a suite of repressive acts that the GOP engages in to hold off what they see as a demographic bloodbath. To celebrate the Texas victory properly, it is best to see it as slapping the hands of the GOP for their general approach to, well, us.

Evil practices

Quoting from the judges' opinion, AP reported that the verdict scored racism along with GOP hostility to Democratic districts as well as those inhabited by minorities.

It is hard not to feel that if there is a divine reason for the trials we are going through now, it is to purge the nation of the results of years of basic evil doings built on exclusion and intolerance and a lack of faith in our possibilities as a people.

Years of shame

A long and shameful history in Texas resulted in the loss of every voting rights case.

It is not possible to predict what the end of this will be. There are severe warning signs telling us that democracy itself is an endangered species. On the other hand, there are cases like this that are beacons of hope.

Sadly, losing sides tend to take up the same corrupt practices of their enemies. This is the binary logic of the World from the foundation.

But this century may be telling us that the time to walk gently toward some ability to compromise and move forward together is going to come, come hell or high water.