2016 was a terrible year for Huma Abedin and her boss Hillary Clinton. As is known, Hillary lost the election. Most people thought it was all over for Huma as well. In addition, Huma got involved in a messy episode of her husband and decided to ask for a divorce. It was certainly a tough year for her. At the beginning of this year, Huma had recovered her poise and equanimity. She was seen dining with close friends and her husband was nowhere around. Despite Weiner wanting to make up to Huma, she probably decided to go ahead with the divorce.

Hillary has also come to terms with her loss and is gathering the threads to make a comeback

Huma and Hillary

During a lunch with Vogue magazine Anna Wintour, Huma who needed an opening decided to get a job in the fashion industry with help from Anna. It is reported that when she informed Hillary, she flatly refused to let her go.

It is understood she gave a raise to Huma and at the same time reinducted her into her staff. It appears Hillary told her that she was serious to make a bid for president again and she wanted Huma at her side.She had a role for her. She planned to come out soon and take control of the Democratic party. Before that, she planned to tour the length and breadth of the USA to get the feel of the electorate.

The Buddha smiles

Now Huma is back with Hillary and this is a sure sign that Hillary has not thrown in the towel. She will take a decision after her tour and then will come back with a bang. Hillary just doesn't want to be written off. She is a resilient woman. One can remember that after her defeat to Obama for the nomination of the Democratic party in 2008, she waited for 8 years and won the nomination.

The waiting period this time is only 4 years. Hillary could do the impossible and run again for nomination and the presidency. In the meantime, Huma has something to look forward to in the future. The best part is that Hillary has blamed her staff for her loss but not Huma. So The Buddha may again smile on Huma Abedin.