American Democracy is said to face a bleak future. There was a time when prominent Republicans saw how dangerous Donald Trump is. But just as Trump was able to convince people that they could make a fortune at his success school, he seems able to pull the wool over the eyes of almost every Republican out there. The bleak future for democracy must be laid at the feet of the GOP and the President. This marriage is like all Trump marriages have proved, absent his current one, a rocky way characterized by abuse and ending in divorce.

Mitt scored Donald Trump

Remember when Mitt Romney gave the speech that was going to change history? He took Donald Trump to the woodshed and ouch! But Donald made mincemeat of Mitt and ended up feeding him frogs legs in Manhattan before rejecting him as a Secretary of State possibility. Since that humiliation, neither Mitt nor the entire GOP leadership has lifted a finger as Donald Trump has proceeded to dismantle democracy.

Donald Trump and democracy are not aligned

It is not just democracy that is under threat. Tolerance has been a principal casualty of his approach.

America has had its share of leaders that sought to gain power via hatred, scorn, and vitriol, but Donald Trump, smiling all the while, has made them all look like pikers. His skills are demonic. And he has in Steve Bannon and some of his other close counselors kindred spirits who share his xenophobic proclivities.

Donald Trump has been shown to be intolerant, unhelpful, and undemocratic -- flaunting the three main action values. An action value is one that, when embraced, moves history forward in a positive direction.

Tolerance, democracy, and helpfulness work together for good. They are a triad, a unity. You can see that the President is the soul of helpfulness to his oligarch friends and his adoring supporters. But that helpfulness does not extend to immigrants or to those with daunting health issues or LGTB persons waiting for yet another decree from the White House.

Helpfulness without tolerance and a respect for democracy can exclude most of the human race.

Donald Trump would probably argue that he supports democracy big time. He won the election by a huge margin after all. And he is doing everything to ensure that every person has a vote.Unfortunately, neither of the last two sentences is true. What is true is that the president has never been a partisan of democracy and that he now gets whispers from one of the arch anti-democratic persons on the globe. His name is Steve Bannon.

Trump values love of himself over democracy

Donald Trump is a sad case. He really minces no words in insisting that he be loved.

President Obama did not care if you loved him or not. I can think of no other president who insisted on being loved as Trump does. That is why he belongs somewhere else than in the White House. Democracy is a terrible thing to waste.