First lady Melania Trump visited the pediatric wing of a Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan last Thursday. This, her first lone official public appearance as first lady marked an important milestone. As attendees gathered round her. Presidential aids arranged photo-ops. Mrs. Trump awkwardly attempted to comfort young patients. Mrs. Trump announced in a soft doubtful voice that in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday she brought with her to read one of her favorite Dr. Suess' books, Oh the Places You’ll, Go!

Before she began reading, she explained to her audience.

“I came to encourage you to read”. Then ended her visit by urging the young patients to “[Know] what you want to achieve in life”. This was followed by her awkward attempt to hug a little girl. One which failed as the little girl appeared to be uncomfortable with the first lady.

President warns a little girl to stay out of politics

While Melania Trump encourages children to read President Trump warns a little school girl. "Don't run for politics".

Dr. Suess counsels in his storybook Oh the Places You, Go! Sometimes you are up and on the top and others not so much. As Suess’ children’s book unfolds, Suess suggests, the trick is to keep moving. Sage advice for an increasingly unsettled president?

Maybe. In any event, Trump did not convey a steady planned message to the children he visited as his wife offered to the children she visited.

Trump and his team, paid their official #White House visit to St. Andrews in Florida around noon on Friday. During the formal visit the president encouraged a little girl to “make a lot of money”.

Then Trump warned, “don’t run for politics”. Could this be a sign that Trump is regretting becoming president?

One goal of his visit was to promote his controversial agenda. A plan geared toward pushing school vouchers. An outcome that many believe will undercut public schools. A president who won the White House with the help of rural white middle class men.

Many of whom, according to statistical analyses, do not have a high school diploma. Men who showed-up in numbers that matter, to elect a TV reality star. Arguably, as the most powerful office in the world. A man they believed in.

In the light of this fact, visiting a private school with a bunch of billionaire politicians to tout their idea for education reform may not make for a great Dr. Suess book. It is doubtful such a book would make it to Melania Trump’s book shelf. Nevertheless, Suess’ wit and genius for writing wise lyrics that rhyme could be just what we need to make sense of these two events.

On the heels of the official White House visit by the first lady, the president makes headlines during his landmark official visit to a private school.

The president engaged in candid conversation with a little girl indicating his remorse over his decision to “run for politics”.

Again, Trump’s comments do not harmonize with a pattern of reliability. Adding to the notion, Trump’s reliable pattern may well be instability. The only thing we can count on with this president is we cannot count on anything.

AFT responds to Trump's visit

Randi Weingarten, president of American Federation of Teachers, states in part: “To borrow a word from Trump, it’s so ‘sad’ that the president and his secretary of education have demonstrated such an antipathy toward public schools."

Weingarten goes on to explain, the people hurt the worse will be the ones who elected Trump.

Dr. Suess suggests “sometimes the questions are complicated and answers are simple”. Perhaps the simple answer is this. Maybe electing the Trumps to White House was a mistake. One that Trump understands.