With talk of another #arms race multiplying across unstable global regions and an expanded military budget for #trump, one has to ask: Did Trump bring on this recent nuclear lunacy or was it a mess waiting to happen?

And in the #Worst Case Scenario, if, say, a #nuclear bomb was delivered and exploded, then the world would be on the brink of absolute destruction.

So how are we to trust a man with the #nuclear codes, the same man who impulsively Tweets at 6 am on a Saturday, and can't help but grab a woman's pussy, and overreacts, lashes out and blames others at least every other day?

So is it Trump's doing?

If Trump hadn't signaled a position of #American imperialism with his insular diplomatic approach to the world then the EU surely wouldn't be feeling so anxious.

The same goes if #Russia was back where it has been sitting for the last decade in the global hierarchy – a common threat to the UK, the EU and America.

But apparently #Russia is now only a threat to the Democrats. And North Korea is aiming for the US with their nuke payload.

And with Trump seeming to shimmy up to Putin, and possible #Russian interference in the US election, the world has transformed – and Trump has instigated most of it. The world, indeed, has changed shape beneath the hands of a paranoid and hotheaded businessman with no political experience.