Maybe tweets will be the end of the GOP. President Trump is either riding high or going downhill fast according to millions who follow his social media utterances. Now Iowa Congressman Steve King is on a definite downward slide with what some are calling the most racist statement ever made by a member of Congress, It would not be the first controversial position King has embraced. He favors President Trump's controversial border wall. He apparently believes that dogfighting is an edifying family thing. The tweet under discussion states that "culture and demographics are our destiny" and adds we "can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Did he really say that?

Let me unpack his words a bit.

"Culture" and "demographics" are two hot keywords at the moment. US culture is being swept into a vortex where everything seems up for grabs. Anyone who can predict its future is beyond genius. Demographics is how Donald Trump made his political success. Birther logic is all about somebody else's babies.

Making America great again excludes the people King derides

Steve King offers a window into Trump's mind. Steve King wants to restore our civilization. Does that remind you of anything? He says we cannot do that with "somebody else's babies." There you have it.

It is Trump all over again. Steve Bannon's Breitbart will no doubt spend the coming week defending the Iowa legislator.

And Donald Trump?

What will Donald Trump do?

He is so committed to one side these days that he has almost given up on being a national president. That giving up seems mutual. We seem to be living in the midst of a shaky truce. What would it do to have the president essentially admit that Steve King has spoken for him and for his underlying attitude?

The chief executive has not tweeted a word this Sunday.

King is being roasted on Twitter. We will see what Monday brings. If others connect the dots and understand that the two men are actually on the same page, we may have another explosive distraction that our wily President can turn to his advantage. That seems to be where we really are. Donald Trump now can blame anything that reflects on him on anyone he pleases.