Huma Abedin was Clinton's closest aide backstage. At that time many did not focus on her religious beliefs, but now the people are aware that she is a practicing muslim. This per se should have no effect on what she does but with the accent on religion under the Trump administration, the fact that she is a Muslim may interfere with her subsequent rehabilitation. Huma is just 40 and has many active years before her and obviously, she will be looking for another opening. But the fact that she is a practicing muslim would weigh against her. Huma married a Jew but she did not renounce her faith.

Her husband Weiner is a non-practicingJew. She regularly kept her fasts for Ramadan and even her husband joined her. During the election campaign only a few Indians expressed apprehension that in case Hillary won, Abedin may have a tilt towardsPakistan.

Huma and Saudi effect

Huma was born in the USA but spent her formative years in Jeddah ( Saudi Arabia) where her father spent some time. This rubbed on her and she worked for some time with a magazine "Muslim minority affairs" and there stoutly opposed anything liberal. This journal was started by her father and presently headed by her mother and is a strong exponent of the Sharia Law. Later she joined Hillary Clinton and won her confidence. Huma is not the archetypical Muslim woman as she does not wear the Hijab or Burkha.

She had opposed Donald's Muslim ban much before Donald was sworn in. She has reportedly said that she is proud to be an American Muslim.


Huma is now in the limelight for the wrong reasons. her husband faces charges and she is asking for a divorce from him. She was seen at a dinner with a friend in New York without her wedding ring.

This is a sign that the marriage is now broken, though Wiener wants that she forgives and forgets about the divorce.

Last word

Huma is now at the crossroads. One side is her explicit belief that Islam is important for her and secondly she would like another career. Hillary is not an option now and Huma will have to find something, but it may not be easy with the present atmosphere in Washington.