Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were inseparable.She had the confidence of the Democratic candidate and it will not be wrong to say that she exerted more influence on Hillary than anybody else even Bill Clinton. The election campaign bore her stamp and the 40-year-old was a permanent fixture in the Hillary bid for president. Now that the election is over, Huma faces an uncertain future. Hillary's career in politics looks to be effectively over and Huma will now have to face the world alone. She was emotionally attached to Hillary as well and wept when the news filtered in that Hillary had been defeated.

Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin is close to 3 decades younger to Hillary and was born in the USA. She had her ups and downs but was an ambitious woman. She married Anthony Weiner and the couple is still married. Weiner is a disgraced Congressman and is accused of many things. Earlier just after passing college Huma came in contact with Hillary and the two woman became close. Hillary who was under emotional strain of the profligate conduct of her husband began to rely on Huma. When Hillary got the nomination, Huma became a permanent backroom fixture giving emotional strength and guidance to Hillary.


With the defeat of Hillary for the moment, Huma will be wondering what to do. She is still young and obviously she needs to do something.So long as Donald is at the helm, her chances look slim to make an impact in Washington.

He had singled her out during his election campaign as a bad choice by Hillary. Many have blamed her for the loss of Hillary. She will first have to sort out her tangled relationship with Weiner from who she wants a divorce.

Last word

If Hillary had come to power, many feared that her Muslim character and closeness to Pakistan would result in a pro-Pakistan policy and had alarmed many Hindu groups in India.The ghost of Huma is now laid to rest but she may be down but is not out and within a year the American public will hear more about her. She is a resilient woman and cannot go into oblivion.