Alec Baldwin does not think his impersonation of President Trump is funny anymore and may, therefore, quit. Given that, as Baldwin describes, "Trump just overwhelmingly lacks any sportsmanship, he remains bitter and angry, and you just want to look at him and go, "You won!" Baldwin indicated that this administration's malicious approach to the woes of the country is scary to many people. It appears Baldwin has hit on an age-old phenomenon. It is not fun to tease people who internalize the joke and experience humor as a serious threat.

Baldwin has his own history of being the brunt of a joke

Baldwin knows about being teased. When Baldwin's oldest daughter with his first wife Kim Basinger, Ireland, was only 11. Baldwin left a breakneck phone message for his little girl after she missed a scheduled telephone call with him. The message Baldwin left was laced with cruelty that could rival Trump. Nonetheless, Baldwin faced his critics and owned his part in the sordid episode. Even, Ireland now 21, took the cringe-worthy incident in stride. Consistently, either poking fun at her father's behavior or playing it down as not an important issue.

Trump, on the other hand, appears not to have the same thick skin as the Baldwin's. Consistently, Trump has expressed deep and intense anger toward anyone making Trump the brunt of a joke.

It may well be fair to imagine, Trump cannot take being teased. On the contrary, for Trump, a joke at his expense could be interpreted as a provocation. Eliciting a full blown vindictive attack that lacks any intention of humor.

Trump could lack a sense of humor

It might possibly be wise to conclude that Trump lacks a sense of humor.

Sharp keen comedy at Trump's expense feels like personal condemnation to Trump. Whether or not this is indeed the goal of the joke. This fact just does not matter in the end. Freud even had a thing or two to say about this reality. Describing humor as a defense mechanism. One in which Baldwin could, to be fair, be attempting to utilize in a way to sooth the real fears of many.

Baldwin's humor, however, leaves Trump feeling exposed, mocked, and disrespected. To such a degree the joke is not able to land and fulfill one of its many intended purposes. To alleviate fear and find common ground.

There is no opportunity to join with Trump using humor as a bridge. This has roots deep in the psyche of the western world. It is acceptable to express the infinite jest in a situation. If all parties are in on the divine comedy. If not and the joke falls short of the funny side of life. Unfortunately, we discover the opposite side of the comedic coin—tragedy.

Jimmy Kimmel talks with George W. Bush and Baldwin about humor

Recently both George W. Bush and Alec Baldwin were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Both the former president and the current comedian discussed with Kimmel the ins and outs of being the source joke of late night comedy. It is not for the faint of heart all three concluded. While Bush indicated he enjoyed the humor many laughed over, at his expense. Baldwin pointed out the emotionally challenging anatomy of humor. Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger of poking fun at the Trump's and this current White House's miss steps.