The biggest political news story over the last week was in relation to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denying President Donald Trump's "Muslim ban" appeal. With Alec Baldwin returning to host "Saturday Night Live," it was only natural that the subject came up.

Baldwin on Trump

During the three weeks that he's been in office, Donald Trump has caused constant controversy that has followed him from his campaign and into the White House. While the billionaire real estate mogul has made various moves that have resulted in backlash, it was the aforementioned "Muslim ban" executive order that has caused the most outrage.

Banning travel from seven countries in the Middle East, even some green card holders in the United States were being detained at multiple airports. After protests led to a lawsuit against the president, Trump's order was shot down in court. While Trump initially pushed for a further appeal to the Supreme Court, recent reports say the former host of "The Apprentice" is standing put. During the February 12 edition of "Saturday Night Live," the potential appeal was the prime source of humor.

During a mock version of "The People's Court," Alec Baldwin, as Donald Trump, stood in front of a judge, played by Cecily Strong, to argue his case.

The show's narrator curiously asks to start the segment, "He's asking for broad unchecked power, will he get it?"

Alec Baldwin's version of Donald Trump went on to describe himself as a "TV President." The judge appeared easily annoyed with the satirical Trump, saying of his executive order, "I read the ban, it seemed rushed even to me, and I decide three court cases in an hour." Continuing her criticism, the judge pleaded with the billionaire real estate mogul to calm down so she doesn't get spooked by frightening CNN alerts on a daily basis.

After Baldwin brought out "Vladimir Putin" as a character witness, the skit came to an end with "Trump" losing his case, while the ban was officially overturned.

Moving forward

As of press time, Donald Trump has not offered a comment on the latest "Saturday Night Live," which took several shots at the administration. In addition to "The People's Court" segment, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway were the focus of their own skits.