#republicans haven't traditionally gone to war with the media, as George W Bush's comments on Today revealed yesterday, as he praised the media for their role in ensuring a true and lasting democracy. This was words of wonder for liberals country-wide.

We need the media

Bush said that we needed the #media to call out the power hungry and those prone to state-run dominance, stating that without the media people in power and in office would be let loose. And power of that sort can be addictive.

His comments come at a fragile time for #Donald Trump's new presidency.

There have been relentless calls by Trump to declare war on the press, and many of the older Republicans are quietly horrified. His travel ban, meanwhile, has been repealed by the court, leaving him quietly enraged – and sometimes not so quietly.

He has gone off on plenty of tirades in the last few weeks, most recently blaming #Obama for spearheading and charging the Democratic and liberal resistance against him."I think he is behind it," Trump said. "You never know what is going on behind the scenes," he continued.