Never one to take responsibility for anything less than praiseworthy, Donald Trump is blaming the death of Navy Seal officer William “Ryan” Owens on Barack Obama and the military. Owens was killed last month in a raid in Yemen, which stemmed from an order given by President Trump. On Tuesday, Trump told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” the mission started before he came to occupy the White House, suggesting the botched operation was then-President Obama’s fault. But Trump did not stop with the former commander-in-chief. He said military generals came to him with what they wanted to do and they lost Ryan.

The deceased soldier’s father, who refused to meet with Trump, recently came out and slammed the Trump administration for hiding behind his son’s death, calling for an investigation into a “stupid” mission that Trump seemed eager to have carried out one week into his presidency. When asked by the Fox News hosts about Bill Owens’ comments, Trump acknowledged understanding the father’s grief, but passed the blame onto his predecessor.

The blame game

Obama did leave it up to his successor to decide on whether or not to execute a raid. However, it was Donald Trump who hastily decided to sign off on it and has been criticized for it ever since. Despite the administration claiming the operation was a success, alleged video footage of the raid turned out to be something from over ten years ago.

Donald Trump also claims to believe Obama is the mastermind behind the surge in anti-Trump themed town-hall meetings. As for the overflow of White House leaks, Trump thinks those are coming from held-over staff from the Obama administration, in an attempt to shine a negative light on the new White House administration. Nevertheless, he allegedly signed off on Sean Spicer’s emergency meeting to confiscate cell phones belonging to White House aides.

That’s pretty darn close to having body cavity searches next.

A self-congratulatory pat on the back

The president also believes he deserves an “A” grading for the first few weeks of his presidency. While half of the population may agree with his score, no one can argue that he certainly has gotten off to an interesting start.