"I am against people who invent stories and invent sources, they should not have the right to use sources unless they name a person or give their name," the American president said when he attacked the media again during a speech in front of the annual high mass of the American conservatives.

Enemies of the people

Speaking to some 10,000 delegates at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at a National Harbor hotel near Washington, the U.S president wanted to clarify a recent tweet in which he referred to the New York Times or television channels NBC, ABC or CNN as "enemies of the people".

Several private media denied access to the White House briefing

In addition, the Trump administration has deprived several U.S media on Friday of access to the daily briefing of the White House spokesman, raising accusations of favoritism. The U.S executive did not allow access to certain media, such as CNN or the New York Times, for this briefing which - exceptionally - was not held in the press room facing the cameras but in the Office of Sean Spicer, spokesperson for Donald Trump.

Several smaller Conservative media, such as One America News Network, which provide favorable coverage for the new administration, were allowed to attend.

The U.S agency Associated Press boycotted in protest. The White House Correspondents Association "protested strongly" against the decision.

Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the media

Since his inauguration on January 20, Donald Trump has repeatedly denounced the media as being too critical of him. The day before, in front of CPAC, its chief strategist Steve Bannon, former animator of the site ultra-conservative Breitbart News, had already attacked the media "corporatist and globalist" opposed according to him the program "economic nationalist" Donald Trump.

The U.S president and his entourage are themselves accused by the press of telling lies. Donald Trump created stupefaction last weekend by evoking an imaginary attack in Sweden. "Look what is happening in Germany, look what happened last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would have believed it? Sweden. They welcomed many refugees, and now they have problems as they would have never thought," Trump said in Florida.