Barron Trump is the center of Melania Trump's world and she is not shy about declaring how her 10-year-old son is her first priority in life today. It is for Barron Trump's well-being that Melania will be staying behind in NYC and raising Barron in Trump Tower. New reports suggest that the Trump family members had never intended to move to the White House from the get-go, and that includes Donald too. This news wasn't divulged until after Trump won the election.

Is she or isn't she?

While reports are all over the place about this family's future living situation, some say that when the school year for Barron is done, Melania and Barron "may" head down to Washington to join President Trump.

That can only happen if he himself sets up housekeeping there. If Melania and Barron did go to D.C., it sounds as if it will be a prolonged visit at best.

Reports indicate that the country will get a part-time First Lady, who plans to travel to the White House when needed. There's no definite plans to have Melania and Barron as residents of the White House, according to the New York Post. Becoming the First Family includes up-rooting the entire family, isn't this something this family talked about before the decision was made for Trump to run for the presidency?

Autism reports don't go away

Today Jobs n Hire reports "Barron Trump's autistic condition" is the reason Melania is not moving into the White House.

Other reports have Trump, who is described as someone who likes to be in his own home every night, planning to commute between the Big Apple and Washington DC.

An empty White House?

Hollywood Life reports that Trump has spoken with his advisory staff about how many nights he's expected to sleep at the White House. The website also suggests that it may be time for Trump to give up all the luxuries at his disposal at Trump Tower and get ready to become the President with his residence in the White House.

Obama's faced up-rooting girls

When Barack Obama won the presidency for the first term, questions on whether Michele and the girls would move to Washington cropped up because of the young age of the Obama children. The outcome was, as you know, Michele and Barack took the kids, 7 and 10 at the time, out of their familiar surroundings and they were off to the White House for the next 8 years.

It is still early in the Trump transition so all of this concern may be for nothing. As seen with Barack and Michele, things changed. Like the Obama family the Trump family may find that living hundreds of miles away from Washington just won't work.

Sleepy kid?

In the video below, Barron is seen standing next to his dad on election night as he celebrates his White House win. It is the facial grimace and the tightly closed eyes that Barron demonstrates as his father says the word "tremendous" for the umpteenth time that has folks wondering what's going on with the youngster. This is just one of the several facial expressions demonstrated by Barron that night, as seen in the video below.

Many people suggest we were seeing an extremely tired child from all the hoopla after a long day and night of the election.

Others believe he is showing signs of being autistic. Donald and Melania Trump have not said anything about Barron's health other than he is a normal child. People speculating that Barron is autistic isn't really fair to the Trumps, especially Barron.

Who to believe?

If autism is the reason Melania won't move Barron and make the the White House a family affair, as Jobs n Hire report, then people would be much more understanding. Some people are furious and see Melania staying behind as a "snub at the White House." Instead of getting in an uproar over Melania not moving, maybe folks should wait and see where the cards really fall once the transition period dies down.