Open, angry rebellion. That is what we are seeing in the streets (even though half of those parading in the name of the Left didn't bother to vote) of some American cities today, and it is done for in the name of freedom, equality, “rights”, and to protect what's “right” about America. That leads many to ask just what is so very wrong with who Trump is choosing thus far as his team?

Ever since Breitbart's Steve Bannon was chosen to be in the Trump camp there have been calls of “racist” or “bigot”, which seems quite a charge against a paper that has hired a flamboyantly gay Jewish editor with Christian leanings named Milo Yiannopoulos.

Facts like that tend to not matter to the Left, however. Those kinds of facts are things that have long been replaced by feelings, and their feelings tell them that Bannon is a threat to America.

Sharp as an arrow, Flynn by Trump's side

Then there is the matter of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. The Left seems to miss that there is no “department to stop Islam” being built in the wings, being planned in some deep underground bunker with right wing motivational posters framed on the wall. Rather, Flynn is a man who sees a sad, but just the same very real fact. There are factions of Islam that are interested in nothing more than destroying the West and America and stating this fact does not mean that all Islamists are disliked nor distrusted.

What it does mean is that since there is a stated desire to bring terror to America, the country would be both wise and prudent to take notice of this fact.

Goths were given the weird eye for years after Columbine and that was only one incident among a crowd that is usually quite peaceful. How many God-fearing, good priests who have devoted their whole lives to faithful service and Christian exegesis only to be snickered about whenever they enter a room because of a handful of sexual predators who had defiled the Catholic church?

Those were also men who had done nothing wrong, but due to the terror that a few dirty priests had brought to children's lives, all priests needed looked at....and were.

Facts about ISIS

The truth is that what we are doing now is not working. We are seeing ISIS emboldened in some areas even still. We are seeing not only threats of terror, but real terror being manifested such as the Florida homosexual scene witnessed and the same that Paris, France had suffered.

We are also seeing ISIS used as an excuse to encroach upon Russian borders, something not conducive to world peace nor America's best interest. This may sound like a leftist notion, but in fact, it was the view of Ronald Regan. Ronnie' promised Russia that such would never be the case, and thus ended the Cold War. Both under Bush and more so under Obama, the Cold War is again heating up. What is so bad about Trump talking to Putin before we threaten him? Is he a good man? Maybe not, but does it hurt America to be civil?

So with this picture, we have a view of President-elect Donald Trump with a man who wants to look at who the enemy is according to the enemies own words (i.e. ISIS) in Michael Flynn standing by his side.

Who better to give Mr. Trump his factual morning briefing? What good is candy-coating facts, even painful facts, going to do for America? That is not to say, “Round up the Arabs and put them into internment camps”. If anyone's guilty of that then it is Bush and Obama who Trump has railed against. They have been leading the war on terror all of these last 16 years, not Mr. Trump.

Moving ahead, it is vital that we do not allow the comparison of Hitler and Trump get into the heads of everyone. That is a common ploy; divide us as a nation so that like good sheep we never stand up for America nor against those who have harmed her. That is a fact, not feeling, and that is what is going to propel America forward.