Divisive bigotry is currently running wild in the United States. Bakers can be sued for not wanting to bake wedding cakes for same-sex marriages. Florists can be sued for not wanting to do flower arrangements for same-sex weddings as well. Both times the business’ lost in federal court for discriminating against gay couples even though the owners held religious beliefs that were against same-sex marriage. The left screamed discrimination, and those business’ paid the price.

Now the left is doing exactly the same thing, discriminating. CEO Mathew Blanchfield of 1stInSEO an internet marketing company out of New Mexico stated on Fox News new show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that his company will no longer do business with supporters of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Blanchfield went on to say Trump being a fascist is the reason for his decision.

Crickets only from the left

Blanchfield’s bigoted statements on their own are disgusting but typical coming from the left. At the time of this report no outrage from those in power on the left has been noted. Carlson gave every chance for justification from the CEO of what will surely be business suicide, but none was offered. The aloof condescending nature of the interviewee’s answers did not pose even the slightest justification for such a stance by a business.

Surely in the next few days all those who took such adverse bigoted positions against the baker and florist will condemn Blanchfield’s comments, but I would not spend much time waiting for that to happen. The left wants to force its values on others, but has total disregard for the values of others. This can be verified by the recent protests of Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

Website down for internet firm

1stinSEO’s website had crashed shortly after the airing of Carlson’s show on Thanksgiving Eve. The company's Facebook page is however still up, and the single star reviews are flowing like illegal immigrants across our southern border.

Blanchfield stated to Carlson that he had received death threats, along with threats against his family and employees since announcing his decision just 24 hours earlier.

This is nothing short of business suicide in the making. Those customers that do still do business with 1stinSEO will do themselves well by not letting that information out at the risk of damaging their own reputation. Prior to the announcement 1stin SEO was not listed as a big player in the SEO industry as far as I can see, so this very well may be just a ploy to grab free publicity, and a very ill thought out one at best.