In yet another incident of Gun Violence in Chicago, two teenagers died. Both were 14 years old. One of the incidents was on the West Side, the other on the city's East Side. It adds to the list of crimes in Chicago. They were moved to local hospitals but were pronounced dead.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown described the incident as "unacceptable" and added that violent crime continues to spiral in the city. He had seized 284 guns this year. At a news conference, he said – "I think about those two young boys, and I think about their potential.

They are two of Chicago's children robbed of their futures, and it is unacceptable."

Daily Mail UK says the year 2021 was a violent one with reports of 3,561 shootings and 795 cases of homicides. The easy availability of guns could be a reason for the rise in gun violence. The police have not made any arrests so far in the present cases, and an investigation is in progress. It is also not clear if there are any possible links between the two. In April last year, gun violence killed eight people in Indianapolis.

Chicago faced with more incidents of gun violence

Guns are weapons that can kill. When they fall into the wrong hands, they can play havoc with the lives of innocent people. A trigger-happy individual is a threat to society.

In the latest incident in Chicago, the first shooting happened at around 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The 14-year-old teenager was standing on the sidewalk. Someone shot him twice in the chest. When taken to the hospital, the doctors pronounced him dead. Those at the scene said they heard gunfire and saw two people fleeing. One of them brought something from the victim's backpack before escaping.

About the second incident, Daily Mail UK adds that it happened at around 8:45 PM the same day but in a different location. In this case, the 14-year-old was walking with his friend on the sidewalk. As they passed a dark-colored sedan, someone in the vehicle opened fire. The bullet hit him in the head, and doctors pronounced him dead.

It comes after a woman in a parked car was shot in the same area earlier. These latest incidents reveal that a normal activity like travel in the city could be dangerous. A media report of April 2018 says gun violence kills innocents and gun control can act as a deterrent.

The Mayor wants to reduce violence

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is worried about the rising instances of violence and crimes in Chicago. She admitted to a section of the media – "No one can be comfortable with the way that we ended the year, with the number of homicides we had." For Chicago, 2021 was the most violent year in a quarter of a century, with almost 800 homicides. The city also witnessed an increase in robbery-related incidents and smash and grab crimes.

She has ideas to implement ankle bracelets for the city's violent offenders. Controlling illegal drug trafficking is also on her agenda. She would like to have a crime-free city.

Police identified the victims of gun violence

According to ABC 7, the police have identified both the 14-year-old boys. They died from gunshots in two separate incidents in Chicago. The locations were on different sides of the city. Both the victims were standing outside when the assailants shot them. Police have not made any arrests so far.

At a media briefing, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown denounced the shootings. He talked about "getting guns off of our streets and keeping them out of the hands of violent criminals." He revealed that his officers had already recovered a huge number of guns within the first 13 days of 2022. Gun is a weapon that kills, and those present at the scene remain traumatized for a long time.