Another winter storm has made life miserable for America. It brought snow and ice across the United States and set weather warnings for different states in motion. As the storm traveled to the East Coast, it left at least 130,000 people without power, reports Aljazeera. It dumped nearly 10 inches of snow in parts of North Carolina.

Two people lost their lives in an accident when their car drove off the road. There was also the collapse of a roof that could not bear the weight of snow. Incidents of this nature are common. When the branches of trees cannot bear the weight of snow, they give way and break.

The broken branches could block the roads or damage the electrical transmission lines and surrounding structures.

Tornadoes in Florida destroyed many mobile homes. A man in his 80s talked about the tornado that tossed his mobile home on top of his neighbor's home. Because of the storm, the governors of Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina declared states of emergency. The general advice was to remain at home and keep off the roads. Traveling in such a scenario was a risky affair. There was large-scale cancellation of flights or delays within, into, or out of the country. Irregularity in flights spoilt the mood of those who were proceeding on holidays. Their well-laid plans went haywire. Recently, winter storm Frida slammed the East Coast and led to a chaotic situation in the travel sector.

Thousands affected by the loss of power due to the storm

Those living in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida had to face power outages. It seems millions of people were under winter weather alerts. This was because the storm headed towards the U.S. northeast and Canada. The snow could change to ice, sleet, and eventually rain.

The National Weather Service predicts one foot of snow spread from upper Ohio Valley to the lower Great Lakes. Canada could receive eight to 16 inches of snow in regions that share its border with New York State.

The storm led to treacherous road conditions

Storm Izzy dumped up to 15 inches of snow in parts of the southeastern U.S.

It resulted in the loss of power, sparked a tornado, and disturbed the travel scenario with road conditions described as treacherous. Highway patrols confirmed several instances of accidents on icy roads. North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International airport canceled hundreds of flights. Georgia, Virginia, and North and South Carolina are the most affected states. The governors of these states have declared state emergencies.

Storm Izzy kept the Highway Patrol busy

The storm gave rise to road accidents, and the Highway Patrol had to attend to 300 crashes. They also received hundreds of calls requesting service. There were reports of two deaths east of Raleigh when the cars collided with trees and the occupants died.

Accumulation of snow on the roads is a problem drivers face when snowing. It translates into unsafe travel conditions because of slippery roads and reduced visibility. Sky News mentions a tornado that ripped through a southwest Florida trailer park. It destroyed some of the homes. As the National Weather Service revealed, the tornado was on the ground for almost two miles.