The latest incident of gun violence in the U.S. happened in Indianapolis and left eight people dead. It was at the FedEx Ground facility near the main airport of Indianapolis late at night. CNN reports that the gunman was a former employee of the company in 2020 who shot and killed eight people and injured many more. Police have identified the shooter as a 19-year-old. He also died from what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds. It seems he had a troubled past. In March 2020, his mother had indicated that he might attempt "suicide by cop." The FBI's Indianapolis office reveals this.

The authorities took immediate action on his mental health issues. They also investigated him for certain aspects related to his ideology and discovered no criminal violation. There was a shotgun at his residence and the police seized it but did not give it back.

Police identified the victims of gun violence in Indianapolis

Indianapolis police released the names of the eight deceased victims in the incident of gun violence. They are a mix of men and women in various ages from 19 to 74. The administration can announce the cause of death only after the completion of autopsies. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department IMPD said it would not disclose the names of the injured. The gunman apparently shot at random.

Those who witness violent incidents of this nature remain traumatized for life. CNN says investigators are trying to establish the motive behind this sordid massacre.

This is the latest incident of gun violence in the United States

In March, an incident of gun violence in Atlanta-area massage parlor killed eight people, mostly Asian women.

Subsequently, there have been many more deaths of this nature. In Boulder, Colorado, 10 people died in a grocery store in an incident of mass shooting. There were at least 100 people in the facility when the shooting began. At the time, many were on their dinner break or changing shifts and the violence was totally unexpected.

CNN describes an incident of mass shooting as one where gunfire kills or wounds four or more people, excluding the gunman. President Joe Biden urged Congress to act on firearm legislation. In his words, gun violence is an “epidemic.” The President announced executive measures after gun violence in Bryan. The Democratic Party can play a major role in this respect because it is all about saving innocent lives. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett mentioned about cycles of violence "driven by readily accessible guns.” On the subject of mass shooting at the FedEx Ground facility in Indianapolis, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said: “Our thoughts are with the families, friends, coworkers and all those affected by this terrible situation."

Four victims of the gun violence belonged to the Sikh community

According to NBC News, a gunman carried out indiscriminate shooting in a FedEx facility in Indianapolis and killed eight people.

Four of them belonged to the local Sikh community. The suspected gunman had bought two assault rifles legally in July and September. The police say he used them in the acts of violence and finally took his own life. Indianapolis police said the suspect, identified as a former employee of the facility, used the weapons he bought in spite of red flags meant to prevent such purchases. The gunman’s mother had called police earlier to inform them that her son might pose a danger to himself and to the community. Later, the FBI entered the scene and they interviewed him. Incidentally, the FedEx shooting was the third high profile shooting in Indianapolis this year.