Donald Trump had blocked the entry of migrants into the United States, and Joe Biden has thrown open the doors. However, it has created a peculiar situation. The crowds of asylum seekers, many of them unaccompanied children, have overwhelmed the Biden administration.

Republic World mentions that Homeland Security's official Alejandro Mayorkas sent a message to migrants on March 21 saying "border is closed." His advice to asylum seekers is to avoid coming to the United States even as the pandemic continues to raise its head. He talked about the dangers involved and assured that authorities are drawing up plans to address the issue of vulnerable children.

During an interaction with the media, he blamed the former Trump administration for the migrant crisis. During his tenure, Trump decided to build a Mexican border wall to prevent the entry of illegal migrants. In his opinion, they posed a threat to the country because they had a criminal bent of mind. However, soon after taking over, Joe Biden hit the “pause” button on the border wall.

Republic World says Alejandro Mayorkas admits the situation is very challenging and needs careful handling.

He does not want migrants to come to the southern border. He also adds that the administration is sending back migrants across the border, but they do not include the young and vulnerable children. Asylum seekers thronged in Tijuana, thanks to the new policies of President Joe Biden.

Criticism for Joe Biden

On March 22, President Joe Biden gave an interview to ABC News.

At that time, he said his message to migrants would be "Don't come over." He also told them not to leave their normal place of residence. Republic World adds many unaccompanied teens and children had crossed the border and entered America. They might have their reasons. Probably they wanted to escape from a world ridden with poverty, get away from violence or were in search of a better life across the border.

Whatever be the reasons, it created a problem for the administration. As a result, the president received criticism.

Joe Biden has to tackle a humanitarian and political challenge

The US President wants to visit the US-Mexico border. He wants to familiarize himself with the facilities on the border. Migrants pose a major challenge because of the humanitarian issues involved. This is especially true for the unaccompanied children who keep arriving at the border. Their welfare is a matter that has to be addressed. These include suitable accommodation for them along with the necessity of food, medicines, etcetera. Republic World mentions that officials of the Biden administration blame the previous administration for the state of affairs.

It describes it as the result of a weakening of the immigration system. The Biden administration dismissed Trump’s take on migrants.

Immigration is another problem Joe Biden has to solve

According to CNN, President Joe Biden discouraged would-be migrants from coming to America. In the course of an interaction with a media outlet, he said: "I can say quite clearly: Don't come." He emphasized the asylum seekers should remain in their homes and communities. The number of migrant children is quite high. It is stretching the resources to the limit. Those heading toward the United States believe that the new administration will be more accommodating and not follow the rigid stand taken by the former administration.

The border wall envisaged by Trump was an ambitious project to prevent the illegal entry of those with evil intentions into the United States. Still, the drug smugglers innovated and cut through portions of the wall.