The United States appears to be the preferred destination of migrants all over the world. An official of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is worried about the latest caravan of thousands of them who feel America can become their new home. They are advancing through Southern Mexico and could lead to issues related to security at the southern border.

Officer Mark Morgan told the media that the migrants come from different countries. Their mode of travel is a caravan, and they could land up at the U.S.-Mexico border within weeks. As a result, the United States Border Patrol is overwhelmed.

Many portions of the border are unguarded because of natural barriers like bodies of water or mountainous terrain, or old broken barriers. These are matters of concern for the authorities.

The determination of the migrants is evident. They have been traveling by foot and want to reach Mexico City. Once there, they would try to obtain necessary permits to move about freely in the country. Their main objective is to reach the U.S. border and prevail upon the Biden administration to get asylum. Soon after Joe Biden took over as President, his administration had sent a clear message to migrants.

Migrants want to fulfill their American dream

Mark Morgan was the Border Patrol chief under former President Barack Obama and quit after Donald Trump took over the White House.

In his opinion, Mexico was a safe third country for migrants. This was despite the problems related to poverty and violence driven by drug cartels. He explains that a large number of migrants have arrived in Mexico. That country agreed to grant them asylum, but they need more than that. Their ultimate goal is America.

Problems of migrants at the border

The U.S.-Mexico border has been in the news for different reasons. Former President Donald Trump wanted to build an impregnable wall to prevent the entry of illegal migrants into the country. New designs of the wall came up, were tested, funds were diverted, and work began. However, the new administration of Biden put a brake on the proposed wall.

People on either side of the border feel unsafe due to the chaos. The migrant caravans arrived in the Chiapas city of Huixtla in Mexico amidst heavy rains. As one of them remarked: “It is a joy for us because it is one more step for us to fulfill our dreams.”

Mexican government bans truckers from letting migrants hitch a ride

The government of Mexico has imposed a ban on truckers from allowing migrants to hitch a ride. Therefore, they will have no other alternative but to walk the entire 2,500 miles to the Texas border. There are thousands of them, and they include children also.