A Climate crisis looms on the horizon of Britain. The remnants of U.S. tropical storm Wanda are on their way across the Atlantic. The target is Britain, and the Met Office has issued flood warnings for parts of the country. These include England, Scotland, and Wales. They could face the fury of strong winds and torrential rain. Scotland is hosting the U.N. Climate Summit COP26, and the participants would gain first-hand experience of the ground realities when the climate revolts. There could be disruption of travel plans apart from damage to infrastructures.

Moreover, the power supply might fail, and those who have renewable energy provisions can breathe easily.

Forecasters confirmed the yellow warning for wind in certain places. This is due to the high-speed gales that would affect regions and communities along the coast. They would be at the mercy of the spray and strong winds. Those who reside in coastal areas have to worry about sea-level rise that could rob them of their habitat. In October 2017, tropical storm Nate strengthened into a hurricane and struck the U.S. Gulf Coast. Parts of Britain could see a drop in temperatures because of the storm.

The U.K. could have persistent rainfall from storm Wanda

The forecast is for strong gusts of winds in exposed locations of northern Scotland.

In the opinion of a Met Office Meteorologist, storm Wanda would mean rainfall. Climate change can take different forms. When rains accompanied by floods occur, it can heap miseries on the people. There have been instances of loss of lives and properties. Fears of getting isolated stalks those who live in remote locations. This is especially true for those who are elderly or are unable to move on their own.

According to forecasters, regions in Scotland could expect severe gales and high gusts. Some areas will remain dry with sunny spells, but forecasters do not rule out the possibility of intermittent showers.

Storm Wanda could lead to mixed signals on the weather

Met Office forecast mentions uncertain weather conditions because of tropical storm Wanda.

The reason for this is how it interacts with an area of low pressure that is moving towards Iceland. It will depend on how Wanda behaves with the jet stream. The possibility of amplification remains, and the forecaster cautions that the situation could become complex. It seems an area of low pressure near Florida is moving north. That translates into a tropical storm that meets another area of low pressure. These add to the complexities.

Timing and track of tropical storm Wanda still uncertain

Tropical storm Wanda is over the Atlantic and on a path to strike Britain. This could give rise to gales and heavy rain that would batter the country. A map of the U.S. National Hurricane Centre shows the storm heading towards the country.

The Met Office warned: “Strengthening west to northwesterly winds will bring gusts of 60-70mph perhaps locally 80mph, to exposed locations of northern Scotland.” It goes on to add that the winds could mean unpredictable conditions. In short, Britain would face an unsettled week once the remnants of tropical storm Wanda arrived. The Met Office adds that there is no certainty on the timing and track of the system, but the people have to be prepared.