The Capitol siege by Trump supporters was a black day for America. The United States is now on tenterhooks before the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20. Security agencies including the FBI are on high alert to preempt another situation similar to the Capitol siege. The law enforcement agencies are monitoring chatter on various social media sites to get some clue on possible scenarios. The name of Million Militia March planned for January 20 is doing the rounds. Some say it would be a peaceful march, others say it would be on the lines of storming the Capitol by Trump supporters that took five lives.

Twitter removed the President from its platform after he expressed a desire to stay away from the inauguration.

The final days of Donald Trump pose a threat that the country has not seen for decades. House Democrats formally introduced a resolution to impeach the President. The charges are “incitement to insurrection.” A former Republican congressman went to the extent of justifying his removal saying – “he’s a threat to this country.” He added that the President is the greatest national security threat. House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson compared the situation to the two-decade-old 9/11 attacks. In his words - “It is more clear than ever that President Trump is a direct threat to the homeland each remaining minute he is in power.”

Trump supporters could target the inauguration of Joe Biden

America is tense after the mayhem unleashed by Trump supporters on January 6.

The International Crisis Group released a report after the incident. In it, the group mentioned the mob incursion into the US Capitol. An official of Terrorism Studies at the Charles Sturt University in Canberra says it would not be correct to rule out the threat of another attack. In his opinion, the inauguration of Joe Biden could be the most likely target.

He cautions that the authorities must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all concerned. He points out that many Trump supporters had gone beyond the threshold of radical politics and embraced the path of violence. They believed they were doing the right thing.

State capitals strengthen security to tackle Trump supporters

According to USA Today, law enforcement teams and elected officials are preparing to face the possibility of more violence across the United States. This is because of the violent insurrection at the Capitol and its grounds. It was nothing short of a deadly riot and left five dead. A mob of Trump supporters launched an attack on the Capitol. FBI has warned of possible armed protests at state capitol buildings beginning January 17 and through the inauguration. A knowledgeable official reveals this. Democrats want the removal of Trump in the wake of the violence by invoking all available options as guaranteed under the Constitution. In the opinion of experts, no one can ignore the developments because Donald Trump has labeled it as a stolen election.

However, no agency has found any evidence to substantiate the claims of voter fraud.

Law enforcement agencies ready to take on the Trump supporters

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser advised Americans to participate virtually and not come to Washington for the inauguration of Joe Biden. There are fears of violence apart from the spread of COVID-19. She requested the federal government to announce a pre-emergency disaster declaration. The Secret Service, police department, and National Guard will combine to tackle untoward situations even as the state capitals augment their security amid concerns of violence. USA Today says the FBI warned local authorities to be alert and mentioned credible threats linked to events planned for January 17 at many locations.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee activated troops of the National Guard to assist the state police. It is the transition phase in the United States from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. There is a round realization on possible unrest and violence and the security mechanisms are gearing up to prevent a repetition of the Capitol siege.