Donald Trump had promised to build a Mexico border wall to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants. It was an election promise he made in 2016. His administration laid down strict specifications to ensure that the wall was impregnable. Prototypes were prepared to select the most suitable design. However, in November 2019 smugglers had cut through portions of the border wall to carry on their activities. Trump had also said Mexico would bear the cost of the wall but Mexico did not provide funds. It came from the money of the taxpayers. In January 2019, the Trump administration resorted to the longest-ever shutdown to get the funds for the border wall.

Donald Trump is on his way out after losing the 2020 elections to Joe Biden. The outgoing president wants to make a final trip to have a look at the wall. He plans to travel to Alamo, Texas. The occasion would be to celebrate the completion of 400 miles of the wall by his administration. Recently, his supporters stormed Capitol Hill to protest and disrupt Congress certifying the election for Joe Biden that same day. Trump accepted responsibility for the unprecedented attack on the Capitol. Democrats and Republicans claimed his words incited the violence that left five dead, one of them was a pro-Trump female protester and another a Capitol Police officer. World leaders criticized the incident.

Trump desired to construct the Mexico border wall

There is a border wall existing between the United States and Mexico. Daily Mail UK says that most of the wall came up in places where there were smaller barriers. The government also invested millions to build long stretches of tall fencing within a short period. Incidentally, there was an urgency to construct the wall because of the 2020 elections.

Trump lost the elections to Biden and there will be uncertainty surrounding the fate of the wall. It will depend on the priorities of the Biden administration.

Trump to visit the border wall

After the violence unleashed by supporters of Trump in Capitol Hill, many close allies of the president have deserted him. Some administration officials resigned.

However, Jason Miller, one of his campaign advisors lauded the upcoming visit of Donald Trump to the southern border wall. Daily Mail UK quotes him on Twitter saying – “Trump to visit U.S.-Mexico border to laud border wall.” While he would be on his way to Texas, Democrats in the House will be busy with the vote on impeachment. The social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have taken steps to block Trump.

Wildlife habitats bulldozed to build the border wall

According to Independent UK, the crews resorted to blasting of hills and bulldozing wildlife habitats to make way for the Mexico border wall.

It has led to a disturbance in the ecological balance. There was even an encroachment of American Indian land to accommodate the wall. The Mexico border wall destroyed Native American burial sites and wildlife habitats. Donald Trump plans to be in the town of Alamo in Texas. The visit would be to mark the completion of 400 miles of the border wall.